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CPM Specialist


Project Management


CPM Specialist go beyond the software and share the valuable insight of hands-on experience only construction can provide.

CPM Seminars & Training


Due to extensive experience with CPM Scheduling, we also provide seminars and trainings for a variety of clients.

Time Impact Analysis


Our scheduling experts can work with you to develop Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules for a variety of projects.

Periodic Schedule Updates


We also provide you with regular updates on how your schedule is playing out in reality - which can help you mitigate potential issues before they become expensive liabilities.

Baseline Project Schedules


Our scheduling experts have performed schedule-related services for hundreds of projects.

CPM Preparation & Updates


Our professionals are skilled in the use of several scheduling software packages; including the industry standard, Oracle (Primavera) P6 .

Talk to an advisor today and get started on your short- and long-outsourcing serviceplans. CPM Specialist is ready to help by meeting with you one-on-one, face-to-face at our office.


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Learn about the CPM Scheduling tools we can offer for your project from the very beginning and for ensuring successful completion of the project.